Solutions and Partners

Teknigence helps clients develop their business in the 21st century in France, throughout Europe and internationally.

Our solutions are driven by Corporate strategy alignment. They comprise a mix of software elements (entreprise legacy integration, social media, cloud, mobile apps, etc), organisational changes and project management. 

With an obsession on « changing the game », Teknigence consultants bring practical experience in the software and services industry, direct and indirect sales, marketing and communication and corporate management. We offer our clients the « out-of-the-box » thinking required to leverage the digital transformation of our business world, along with the « down-to-earth » operational expertise required to actually implement ideas.

This experience gives Teknigence consultants the ability to assist clients in every aspect of a solution, from the writing of the initial RFP, to the vetting of offers and contract negotiations to the successful implementation of the project.