Our Services

Teknigence provides Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) with the expertise and consulting services necessary to successfully develop and grow in the 21st century. 

The Goal: In order to improve business, e.g reduce costs, penetrate new markets, launch new products or services, rebrand and reposition within the marketplace, Teknigence helps companies unlock and leverage the potential of Internet and the new wave of Digital solutions in creative and effective ways. 

The Problem: the deluge of competing and sometimes incompatible technologies or organisations in areas such as social media, search engine optimization, Cloud, mobile applications, BYOD and security issues, makes selecting and investing in the right technologies a daunting proposition for business leaders. Further, the integration of these new demands with legacy entreprise software, requires experience and wisdom. 

How we proceed: Beginning with our first meeting with executive management, we examine and define the business priorities and objectives of the company and develop metrics to monitor the progress towards goals achievement. Then our consultants continue to work with executive leadership to fully elaborate the most effective and cost-efficient solution to realize these goals. 

What we offer: every SME’s needs are unique and Teknigence provides a range of strategies tailored to meet these needs. Technigence services are divided into three main categories:

Consulting: to clarify, derive and prioritize enterprise business needs, determine and design the best digital-based solution, identify the most cost-effective and efficient solutions and/or providers on the market, assist in the tender and contracting phases, support steering of the projects. 

Executive Seminars: designed for business leaders who have the need for concise, high-level understanding of specific facets of the digital revolution trends, e.g., Big Data, Digital Security, Mobile Enterprise, Social Media, Cloud Computing, and to understand the implications of these trends to their business. 

Integration Assistance: consulting and support for project implementation and integration, project planning, development, monitoring, steering and reporting.