Social Media, reshaping communication, brand & services

€ 450 Euros
Comprendre la dynamique conjuguée des multiples media sociaux (page/blog/site/forum/microblog). Découvrir les expériences d'autres entreprises, succès et échecs. Initier une réflexion pour sa propre entreprise.
All those sharing responsibility in the existence and growth of the organization : Business leaders, Executives, governments, BU and department directors, Project directors,

It is urgent to master the interest of social media for business. Image, brand and communication have become key levers in the economy in the digital age. Social media are hence becoming essential tools for companies, governments or local authorities. 

Social Media ? The visibility of the organization, its very existence = website + blogs + Facebook + Viadeo/Linkedin + Twitter and other friends in the neighborhood... Use all these vehicles intelligently, and you will succeed in serving the goals of your organization. 

Online presence is a must, yet insufficient. Increase your visibility is better, if you want to increase sales, turn expenses in investments, defend, renew, enhance brand image, create new services and new revenue streams. And the evolution is not complete. What about the SMO, Social CRM, network-enterprise, etc. 

Through a number of Case Studies, introduce and discuss the stakes. Explore the changes to be made in the organization and new job profiles for successful online existence of the company. 

Detailed program on request.